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I’ve always looked really young for my age. If I attempted to go to the pub, all my friends would get kicked out, kind of young. I actually really hated it for the longest time – I mean, no one wants to look 12 when they’re 18. Then, Peter Pan syndrome got me bad and I started to like looking young! I got so used to feeling that I looked much younger than I was, that when the big three zero birthday approached, I was a little blind sided. Now I’ve got my eye on the ball and plan ‘stay looking youthful‘ is in full swing.


We only have to look at the plethora of A-lister’s that don’t seem to age, to know that there are ways to remain looking youthful. Looking at you Jennifer Anniston. Kate Moss famously loves her chemical peels and injectables are the treatment du jour for many women. A little helping hand can go a long way when it comes to looking  youthful, and while it’s so important to eat well, be happy and not get hung up on the number, sometimes we need an added boast to maintain youthful looks – which in turn will make you feel amazing! Thankfully there are lots of clinics popping up, offering up a whole host of treatments, that can come to the rescue in the battle for fighting the wrinkles!

Introducing Sk:n clinics which has a network of 35 clinics and offers a wide range of non-surgical beauty procedures – which is perfect if you don’t want anything dramatic done. The team is made up of medical experts, so you know you’ll be in good hands here. For those dabbling in skin rejuvenation treatments microdermabrasion, microneedling, lasers and peels are ideal as they help to stimulate collagen, which helps you to maintain your youthful appearance. For those set on more dramatic results, there are also fillers you could try out. For a full description and list of treatments, learn more here.

Now, with the Oscars just a few days away – let’s play a little game of guess their age! It’s pretty incredible what some skin care maintenance and a balanced lifestyle can do for you.

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