Smart Gel BB

Smart Gel BB

Just as I thought I escaped the Dr Jart+ BB sensation wallet unscathed, I caved in to buying his latest offering the Dr  Jart + Water Fuse, Smart Gel BB.  Oh Dr, you got me eventually!

So you may ask, what is it about this new BB on  the block that’s different from the last Dr Jart I reviewed? Well firstly its ultra hydrating which is perfect for my oh so dry and flaky skin.

The cream itself is a memory activated formula that was based on the same concept as the memory foam mattresses. Shape memory Polymers allow this wonder BB to meta-morph into its original shape, even after putting the complimentary spatula into it. The jelly-esque formula minimizes the look of wrinkles and pores, and helps to do the 5 things BB creams are designed to do;

  1. Hydrate
  2. Treat
  3. Prime
  4. Camouflage
  5. Protect

Packed full of anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredients, this BB brightens the complexion whilst helping to cover a multitude of skin sins. What I love most about this BB cream though is the added bonus of the SPF 30. Now I’m based in Florida, the sunshine state, making sure my skin is protected from the sun’s harmful rays is a top priority. Even briefly walking the dogs in the sunshine can add to the overall damage the sun can cause on your skin, so I never leave the house without suncream on.

This is a wonderfully light product, and I’ve found a little goes along way. You do need to massage this in fairly well though, as I find that if I don’t the product almost sits on the skin. Personally I don’t like my skin to be shiny, so after I apply this BB cream I swirl some pressed powder on top just to take down the shine.

If you’re in a sunny climate I thoroughly recommend this for the SPF alone, and the memory foam bit has to be seen to be believed! Whilst it’s not a foundation, it will drastically improve the over all look of your skin, and if you want more coverage you can always apply foundation on top. I’ve yet to try this, but If I was going out in the evening or wanted my make-up to last all day, I would use the BB cream in this way.

I won’t lie, this smart gel is pretty clever!:)



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  • I love the BB creams by the Dr so am sooooooo tempted to try this! Great post!

    • Thanks! If you can get a sample you can test out which you like the best:) The Dr has sooo many!

      • I’m not sure where in the UK has a concession stand or a store! Maybe Selridges do…I’ll have to have a look!

  • Wow, is the Dr Jart pink or yellow tone? I have visible pores and I hope this will work. Btw, I live in a tropical country. 🙂

    • I would say this is more of yellow toned product. It does come in two shades light/medium for lighter to medium skin tones, and Medium/Dark Beige for tanned and olive skin tones. I use the light/medium. I also have large pores so you have to rub it in well to make sure it doesn’t ‘sit’ in your pores. I don’t feel comfortable with just this as it’s a bit shiny (especially if you’re in a tropical country) definitely apply a powder on top to take down the shine, and help minimize pores.

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