Sonia Kashuk – Smokey Eye Brush Set

The lovely ladies of Pixi Woo gave us the Real Techniques brushes – we all know I love! So next up for me to try were the brushes from celebrity make-up artist Sonia Kashuk for Target.

I had heard about these brushes before I came to the USA, so when I had a little excursion to Target, I streamlined to the beauty section. Standard. I must say, I was a little disappointed with the lack of choice that I found, but I ended up selecting the Smokey Eye Brush Set.

This set was a very reasonable $14.99 for four brushes. There is also an essential eye kit which is $10.69 but if memory serves me correctly, (Target is a very large confusing store, mistakes could happen!) the size of these brushes were really tiny. The smokey eye kit brushes are also small, but they are more of a normal travel sized brush, than the brushes in the essential eye kit.

The brushes have really interesting shapes, and are numbered so that you can use ‘Sonia’s’ smokey eye make-up guideline that comes in the little brush bag. The mirror in my brush bag was sadly broken when I opened it. Not impressed. I feel like I have to off shoot the 7 years bad luck now.. who’s it gonna be, Target or Sonia? Just kidding!

If you aren’t very confident with applying make-up this is a great little brush set, and the numbered brushes really help to create the smokey eye, using the correct brush for each color. It’s so important when applying make-up, that you have a great set of brushes to use, and that you know which brush is best to use and when.

Sadly my brush set is diminishing by the day, as my dogs have decided they are the tastiest chew sticks going, followed closely by hair brushes and plastic. My discovery of said brushes was, a sad, sad day!

On a happier note, I look forward to trying more offerings from Target and Sonia Kashuk. At this rate I’m going to need a whole new brush set. Crazy little Chihuahuas!

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  1. suzdawg
    31 March, 2013 / 4:02 am

    Is the edge of the #3 brush fine/sharp? I just realized the full-sized version of that brush has been discontinued and I was curious if this was just a travel version. Thanks, in advance!

    • 31 March, 2013 / 3:38 pm

      The end of the #3 brush does come into a point at the end, but it is still thick. Its actually brilliant for applying eyeshadow to the socket line. Using the shortest end and bringing it inwards towards the center of the eye, puts the color in the perfect place effortlessly. I can’t believe there aren’t more brushes shaped liked this, as it’s a really amazing brush!

      I would say it is a travel brush, as they were all mini sized in my set:)
      Thanks for reading!