Spring Hair

spring hair

Spring is the perfect time to update your tresses, and I particularly was in desperate need. Whilst I always prioritize getting my highlights done, I often forget how important it is to keep your hair in good condition, by getting regular hair cuts. I’m not proud of this, but I actually hadn’t had my hair cut since October. I know. Terrible. You may now scrape jaws of floors.

So obviously I did the obligatory Pinterest stalking to define the style I wanted, and then hot footed it down to the very beautiful Aveda salon in South Tampa, armed with the picture on my phone. They needed to cut quite a lot of my hair to get rid of all the split ends. Ladies, take a lesson from me and always get your hair cut regularly!

This was the look that I was going for, and I think my stylist got it pretty much spot on! hairstyle-trends-2012

My hair was a lot more curly when I initially left the salon, but blame the wind and obligatory dog walking duties ( oh the glamor) it dropped slightly. Still I think this is a great style for spring. It’s short, but you can still wear it up, it’s fun and messy. All in all, I really love the style.. now a lot of pictures of my hair, and one where my pup wanted to photo bomb.. he is too cute ( and also in need of a hair cut!)




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  • Terri Shaw

    Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

  • Shannon

    This is so cute and I love your dog. Nice style.