Spring Style


Call me an eternal optomist but it officially feels like Spring is here! It is. It’s got to be. I even cracked out the sunglasses and sandals today.That’s saying something. Sure, it may be raining cats and dogs next week but right now.. it’s glorious! All this warm weather made me seriously long for some spring items that would add a little freshness to a look. Adding a few simple touches can make you feel like you’ve ditched your weather worn look of winter and look forward to summer! Oh my. I’ve got a few fresh new beauty pics for you! The Tom Ford mascara’s are just divine and I’ve got my eyes on the Black Plum shade. Next I must tell you about the Topshop Ombre lipsticks. Packaged in a little two-tiered pot, these ombre lip pots promise to make your pout full and gorgeous! Then there’s the new Bobbi Brown cheek palette. Do I really need to say more? A flash of yellow, some floral kicks and an obligatory pair of white jeans… These are a few of my favourite things!

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