Starry Eyes for Dior Star Foundation


The perpetual hunt for better skin than I actually possess continues –  and it’s lead me to the Dior Star Foundation. We all want that celeb worthy flawless look, you know, so we look like we don’t posses a pore and that ‘glow’ is down to daily green juice guzzling and 6am yoga classes. Not so much. For those times that you need to fake it till ya make it (er, everyday) you need to reach for radiance enhancing products and that’s where this star foundation comes into play!


Housed in a luxe looking glass bottle, the Dior Star foundation is lightweight and glides on to the skin. It’s also got the added bonus of SPF, so for those who don’t regularly slap on ze sunscreen, this baby has got your back, well, your face. One of the big cheeses’ from Dior actually picked this out for me when I was in Florida, so I was a little more tanned and left with the shade 032, the Rosy Beige. Whilst she promised this wouldn’t come off until I took it off, I don’t find it lasts all day.  Still, what it lacks in longevity, it makes up for in the radiance department. Providing coverage to blur away blemishes, redness and pores whilst still giving you a healthy glow, this foundation is just what dull complexions crave.

My hunt for the absolute ultimate foundation always continues but Dior Star definitely has my nod of approval. Lovely for day time, this bottle of goodness brightens impeccably, but I think evenings are reserved for a more made up look. Still, in summer time I’m sure this Dior Star is going to be back in the game. Nice.


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