Stressed? Get in to Neal’s bath!

If the impending C Day is filling you with fear rather than festive cheer, listen close. This is a bath for one, where you can literally soothe your day away. I’m talking about the amazing ‘soothing bath oil’ from Neal’s Yard. If you’re name is Neal I’m sorry, I doubt there will be hordes of ladies waiting to hop in the tub with you.

Neals Yard soothing oil however, is an incredible infused oil of lavender, geranium, and cypress essential oils in an impeccably skin softening base of almond, wheatgerm, and soya essential oils that you will want to hop in the bath with. If you’re still not tempted, how about a couple of facts? It’s also 84% organic, free from synthetic scents and colours, free from parabens and there are zero silicons.

This oil is so light, your skin won’t feel greasy when you’re done, you will just float, and feel totally and utterly relaxed, some may say snugly even! The perfect antidote, to the hordes of Christmas shoppers.

Now off you go, buy this, run a bath, melt A WAY ….

And if you really want too, save water and share baths!

Sharing is caring people. It’s is Christmas!:)



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