The Super Facialist


If I were to find myself on a dessert island and could request one thing (assuming I already have sun cream and an endless supply of contact lenses)  it would have to be moisturiser. I’m basically like a snake shedding it’s skin without it. Winter isn’t my friend when it comes to my skin and I’m often found battling the dry winter flakes. Lurverly. My new favourite thing? Power house creams, packed full of ingredients that work magic as you sleep. That my friends is what the Super Facialist does.


I slather on this wonder cream every night, when I’m not using a hydrating night time mask (more on that another day!) It’s luxe looking packaging houses a beautifully scented rose cream, that will make you feel like it’s spring. The beauty of this cream is, it gets to work at night to deeply nourish your skin – the aim being that when you wake up your ol’ visage is just so silky soft. I sleep, it works. Naturally I’m on board with that premise. It’s packed full of hydrating Hyaluronic Acid which can bind up to 1000 times its weight in water – the very thing your skin cries out for. And popping up to join the party is of course precious Rosehip to soothe, cucumber and willow to keep your skins elasticity in check and prevent early signs of ageing. It feels lovely and luxurious to use without being too heavy on the skin and causing breakouts.

This is a firm favourite in my winter skin care regime!



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