The Ultimate Brow Oil

For those of us whose eyebrows have up and left, let me introduce you to the ultimate brow oil. Thanks to some overly ambitious plucking in my teens, my eyebrows todays are somewhat of a barren wasteland, where caterpillars used to roam. I want to say there was a time when they looked good, then I went beyond that with my plucking ‘prowess’ and now they’re patchy at best. While I rely heavily on my Anastasia brow kit (those products are everything by the way) amongst other brow products – I’ve since found that a slick of nourishing oil at night works wonders in encouraging those little guys to make an appearance once more.

The ultimate brow oil has got to be Blink’s nourishing brow oil. I put this on every evening before bed, because lets face it, you don’t want to spend the day with greasy brows – and it helps to condition and strengthen the hairs, encouraging regrowth. A combination of sweet almond oil and rosemary oil help to stimulate the regrowth, while sandalwood and lavender helps your skin remain calm and soothed. After you’re done with one bottle, you’ll definitely see an improvement in the appearance of your brows. I’m not saying you won’t need to use any brow products anymore…. but you’ll have a healthier, fuller brow to master that ‘insta-brow’ look. I’ve tried many brow oils in my time and for me, this is one that actually makes a difference.

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