Tarte Awakening Cheek Stain


There’s something about a cheek stain that is so beautiful. Perhaps it’s the way that once applied to your skin it appears that the color comes from within. Like cream blushers, cheek stains offer an instant glow and exuberance to the skin. To me this product is definitely the modern day alternative to pinching your cheeks to get a lovely flushed ‘I’ve just been running through the fields’ look, without the sweaty side effects.

I’ve been excited to try Tarte since I came to the US, and my first purchase; the Tarte awakening cheek stain certainly didn’t disappoint. Not only is it one of the most natural looking cheek stains I’ve ever tried, it’s the only one I know of with ‘skinvigorating’ benefits. This is an award winning and best selling cheek stain, and once tried it’s easy to see why. Applying make-up has never felt so good, as this cheek stain contains acai extract, acerola extract, goji berry extract, maracuja extract and pomegranate extract. If that’s not enough the awakening cheek stain also packs a refreshing citrus scents that I could breath in all day.

At first I thought that the color was quite dark and wouldn’t suit my skin tone, but once on the skin, it’s a very pretty shade of pink that gives the face a fresh, dewy appearance. The gel like texture creates a nice sheen, but be sure to blend this into your skin so it doesn’t end up looking like pretty war paint. My only complaint about this product would be the packaging. It’s rather big and bulky, and could end up becoming messy very easily. Also, you have to push this up from the bottom to get more product, so don’t push too much!

I would love this product even more if it was in a nice little pot, but hey us beauty junkies can’t ask for the world can we! Tarte; a new fan is born.
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