The 33 Week Bump Update

33 week bump update

Week 32 – 33 of pregnancy was spent soaking up some rays in beautiful Tuscany, eating my body weight in Italian food and enjoying some much-needed rest before baby FL shows up. Sadly it wasn’t hot enough to swim, but chilling poolside definitely did this mama-to-be some good. There’s still so much to do and it’s about that time when it feels like the final countdown has begun. Time is flying by and as the bump gets bigger and the little pitter patter of tiny baby feet get stronger, reality is starting to soak in. Life is about to change forever! It’s both exciting and a little bit terrifying. Like a big adventure to a destination you’ve never been to before, and you’re not quite sure if you’ve forgotten to pack something.

33 week bump update

What’s baby up to?

The bones are hardening! Baby’s keeping eyes open while it’s awake and is starting to coordinate breahting, sucking and swallowing. Baby’s brain is also developing rapidly at this point! Baby weights around 4.2  to  5.8 pounds and although lil’ one’s still packing on some pounds, thankfully I won’t’ get much bigger.

Is it a boy or a girl?

I don’t know! I love a surprise and for me, having a baby without finding out the gender is the ultimate surprise anyone could wish for – but if I had to guess, I would say it’s a girl.

Any symptoms this week?

My back has been hurting a lot more recently but I think that’s because I have no idea where my belly support bands are. They are life savers if you’re pregnant and I  seriously need to find them. I feel more tired now and breathless. I’m also getting seriously bored with my maternity wardrobe and I may have to splash out on a few dresses for this muggy weather.

Weight gain?

So far I’ve gained around 25lbs which is (apparently) completely normal for pregnancy at this stage! I must confess; it’s still seriously alarming to see those kinds of numbers on the scale, but I’m assured it’s fluids, blood and baby etc – not all fat. At least that’s what I’m hoping. The truth about pregnancy weight gain is one crazy subject which I’ll dedicate a post to soon!


I’m still going to the gym around twice a week, swimming and doing the machines and also going to pregnancy yoga once a week. My theory is that you have to prepare the mind and body. After all, labour is one of the most physically demanding things your body will ever do.


I’m currently reading The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg which has a wealth of information and a plan on how to put your baby on an EASY schedule. Apparently it will make life a whole lot easier…. here’s hoping!

Only 6 weeks and 5 days to go… OMG!!


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