The Autumn Skin Care Edit

skincare1Moving away from summer and into winter, it’s time to focus on getting hydrated. Summer no doubt has taken it’s toll on your skin, with air conditioning, sunshine, and heavy sun care products often wreaking havoc with the ol’ visage. Whilst I’m not normally one for changing my skincare routine seasonally,  I’ve realized how important it is.

While the external elements can continue to do their worst, a few small pre-season skin care changes can transform your skin, and get it prepared for the colder months. As you’ll notice by the list of products I’ve added to my autumn skin care routine, it’s all about adding moisture  and  getting skin in tip top condition post summer, pre- winter. Look out cold snaps I’m ready for ya!


Let’s talk skin care!


Cleanse: Although part of me still really believes that I need bubbles and water to get clean skin, I took the advise of Carolin Hirons and ditched the foam, because of it’s dehydrating properties. In it’s place is the hydrating and luxurious Hydra-Calm Cleansing milk from REN. This smells wonderful, is excellent value, and best thing is that it will leave your skin smooth and soft from first use. Score.

Tone: This is one skin care step that I’ve neglected in quite a while, but boy does it make a difference. It’s actually both amazing and alarming how much excess dirt and grime this baby will pick up post cleansing. Toners have made it back in the routine, and kicking off the new beauty step is Clarins toning lotion with camomile.

Exfoliate: A vital step to slough away dead and flaky skin cells, *beautiful*, I’ve bumped up the at home facial by including Origins Modern Friction exfoliator – ‘nature’s gentle dermabrasion.’ This has large exfoliating particles to get to work on the dullness, whilst rose, cucumber and lemon extracts will perk up and sooth sallow complexions. Love.skincare3

Mask: In the mask department is Origins Drink Up Intensive over night mask. I didn’t love this at first as my expectations were too great after one use, but after multiple uses… that’s another story! When I need an added moisture kick I reach for this, and use it as a night mask that I sleep in. It goes on clear so you won’t scare the living daylights out of your bed companions. You will wake up with peachy soft skin that glows. What’s not to love?

Serum: Those with a keen eye and even better memory will know that this popped up on a recent beauty wish list of mine, and yep.. much to my wallets horror, I forked out a small fortune for a bottle of Estee Lauder’s NEW Advanced Night Repair serum. The idea of this is that it attracts moisture into the skin by amping up the effects of your moisturizer, plus it makes you look as if you had a full nights sleep. I feel that this needs a full dedication post, so watch this space! At the moment I’m liking this a lot.

Spritz: My love for water sprays continues, and since my last jaunt with Avene, I’ve added this incredible Avene Thermal Spring Water to the mix. Can I say that it’s much better than other spring water sprays – nope, but it’s reasonably priced, is extremely soothing, and disperses a lovey fine mist of pure healing water. Sure there are other water sprays out there, but with the healing benefits of Avene water in mind, this is my go to.

Autumn skin care edit done. Just waiting for the snow in Florida now!

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