The Beauty Desk


When I’m working like a crazy thing, furiously typing blog posts, and watching the latest beauty You Tube offerings, *what…that’s work!?*  I like to indulge in a little beauty time at the work place, aka my desk.

Nailing it: There is no better thing in my opinion, then catching up on a lil’ blog reading, whilst carrying out a mini mani. First I shape my nails, then slick on  a coat of one of the many polishes hiding on my desk. My favorite color of the moment – Sally Hansen – Hard as Nails- Pacific Blue, such a stunning shade, and yes, I bought this color after watching a You Tuber recommend it.  Predictable. I top my nails with a coat of Seche Vite, a must buy for it’s super fast drying powers. One slick of this and you will be back to typing, with dry, smudge free talons in no time. Lastly to curb the dry cuticles I use Strong Nail System jojoba cuticle oil, and for the paws I’m loving L’Occitane hand cream.

Lip Balm: It’s been well documented on this blog, that I have quite the penchant for a lip balm or ten. My lip balm of choice right now; the super moisturizing minty fresh Neutrogena Naturals lip balm which contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, or other notorious nasties.

Smellin’ Good: I like I nice scent wafting as a type and second to brownies baking in the oven, I reach for my lovely Diptyque candle in Feu De Bois- which smells incredible and is much better for the waist line.

Now all I need is a little clear box from Muji to hold all my desk beauty choices – throw in the latest edition of Allure magazine, and I’ll be honest, there’s not much work going on!

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