The best BB on the block?!

marcelle1Just when I though I couldn’t ramble on any more about BB creams, I haven’t even dabbled in the world of CC creams – much to my wallets relief – a little game changer came my way. *Que; angels singing* Welcome, Marcelle BB cream. I’ll be honest, I have no idea who you are, never heard of you even, but here you are, all tiny with your golden letters beaming at me from July’s Birchbox. You changed everything.marcelle2

 A golden hue of a BB cream, that is indeed creamy, and gives your skin a beautiful glow- unlike a lot of the other BB’s it doesn’t adapt to your skin tone so much, which makes me think it’s a closer to a foundation than a BB. This particular shade is definitely for the warmer skin tones, and those with a tan. I wouldn’t be able to get away with this, with my pale winter skin. Fear not though, Marcelle offers many other shades of BB creams, and…. DD creams, believe it or not. I’m not even going there. Well, you know, not yet at least!

The heaviest covering BB around, which is probably why I’m in love with this beauty. My skin just can’t handle the whole sheer BB offerings. Of course, it has the same beautifying claims as all the ones that have come before, but the Marcelle BB does seem to really make your skin appear beautiful. Whilst I still think the jury is out on whether BB’s have long term beautifying benefits, being 100% paraben and oil free must help.bbcollage1

If you’re a sheer, natural, amazing skin kinda girl, *jealous* this may not be the BB for you – but if you like  heavier coverage, but not as much as a foundation, with an added natural dewy glow, this could be the best BB on the block. Bold statement – yes. Love affair beginning? Of course. Now where can I buy this stuff?!

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  • Kathy

    Hi Anna,
    Are there any pictures on your blog of you wearing this?

  • annarach

    Hi Kathy, I don’t think there are, but I’ll try and take one and add it to this post!

    • annarach

      I’ve added a couple of pictures of me wearing the BB cream!