The Best Brush Cleaning Mat – Ever

The Best Brush Cleaning Mat – Ever


I’m a pretty big fan of US based  Sigma  as a brand. They make killer brushes that are incredibly high quality, they offer a cruelty free brush line, have a beautiful make up range and have now brought out the best brush cleaning mat ever! To be honest, it’s probably one of the only brush cleaning mats out there, so they’ve corned the brush cleaning game – and they play it well. If you’re a newbie and you didn’t even know that you should be cleaning your brushes…don’t miss my brush cleaning guide and simply add in the mat for premium clean results.

DSC06725DSC06726This rubberised mat is designed to be placed in your sink, and has seven different textured areas, to provide a truly thorough clean for all your different face and eye make-up brushes. I like to place mine at an angle in the sink, so all the soapy make-up water can run down. I was literally amazed at the amount of gunk that washed out of my foundation brush. Both disgusting and wonderful at the same time.

DSC06729 DSC06727 DSC06728

I simply squeeze a little Johnson’s baby shampoo on to my brush cleaning mat and then swirl my brushes over the different areas to wash and refine them, rinsing under clean water. I then squeeze out any excess water and leave them on a towel to dry. You should be cleaning your brushes around every two weeks, but even I can be a little lazy about that. Still, it’s nice to know that when I whip out this brush cleaning beauty, it’s like my brushes are having a spa day!

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