Could You Pass The Bikini Confidence Test?

Could You Pass The Bikini Confidence Test?
Let’s talk about confidence.
As a newbie mummy, it’s safe to say that my belly button will never be what it used to be – but that’s OK. My stomach stretched to epic proportions and now I’ve decided it’s just about making peace. Making love not war and knowing that the human body is a miracle. Those jiggly bits might not feel like much of a miracle, but it’s the only body you’ve got so it’s time to start embracing it people!
The number one thing that affects how you feel about slipping into a bikini, is how confident you are. So what if you don’t look like Gisele! Most people don’t – a little bit of confidence or the lack of it, can totally change the way others perceive you and the way you’ll carry yourself. Arms across the body to hide the tummy, slouched over and looking meek? These telltale signs of low self-esteem will only make others notice you more, but for all the wrong reasons.  If you feel good, you’ll look good. You’ll stand taller, you’ll feel more relaxed and I can pretty much guarantee that no one will notice any of the things you don’t like about yourself. It’s really that simple, but if you want a few simple tricks to amp up the confidence factor, you’ve come to the right place.
Get Real….
 I’m guilty of thinking that I’m the only one who has cellulite. I’ve guzzled my fair share of green juices on mission ‘destory cellulite.’ I’ve injected those lumps and bumps with fat busting oxygen, massaged it, slathered on creams to eat it up like Pac-Man and then finally decided that life was just too short to worry about cellulite. The way I see it;  if Kim Kardashian can rock a thong with her cellulite on full display then so can I. Ultimately, if I’m on a beach in a bikini, then I’m already winning. You’re not at work. Remember that every time you feel rubbish in your bikini… you look freakin’ awesome – and you’re not at work. Winner.  Honestly though, show me the person ( in real life) that has this ‘perfect’ body and I’ll find you a unicorn. No one has the ideal body – there are just those with confidence and those without. Simples.
The Beauty Prep… 
I’m not trying to get all motivational speaker on you and then totally contradict myself… BUT… If you want to feel great in your bikini, a little beauty preparation before you slip it on will go a long way. A fake tan can cover a multitude of ‘sins,’ a mani & pedi will make you feel polished and put together and a little bit of beach appropriate make-up will boost the confidence. Then we must pay homage to the hair maintenance.  I’m sorry – it just has to be done.
Get Shopping…
Trying to pour yourself into a bikini you wore three summers ago before you popped out a little-un? Walk up to the mirror, tell yourself you are amazing, your body has done amazing things and you honour it. Now, throw that bikini in the bin… go online and buy yourself a new one! There’s nothing like a new piece of holiday kit to make yourself feel great again.
Sit back and relax! If you’re in a bikini, you’re on holiday. Now go and drink a fruity cocktail for me, take a picture of your hot dog legs and make all your friends and family jealous. You pass the test.

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