The Body Shop Drops of Youth Range Review

If you’ve got your finger on the skincare pulse, you’ll know that The Body Shop have really upped their game in the skincare stakes. Gone are the days when this beauty fave was all about Clover Pink (the lipstick shade of my teens) and a spritz of white musk. Now The Body Shop are all grown up and their skincare offerings are worthy contenders for retail space in your bathroom. The new Drops of Youth range has been making waves amoungst beauty bloggers and the time has come to pay homage to the new range that I’m currently putting through the testing ranks.
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You might have already heard great things about the Drops of Youth Bouncy sleeping mask… after all it was a firm fave with mighty skincare blogger Caroline Hirons. The mask has an incredibly cool texture and consistency and is designed to be slept in – I’ve written a full post about this baby right here!
The Body Shop - Drops of Youth The entire range is certified as being organic and has the most wonderfully fresh smell to it. It’s been created to address the first signs of aging, which is a challenge I shall gladly let any beauty product undertake. All those requests for ID have long, long gone *sob.* So, in the name of finding ever lasting ‘youth,’ I’ve been using the Drops of Youth products for over a month now and I really love the fresh clean feeling that it leaves my skin with.
To use all the products in the Drops of Youth Range is quite a lengthy process, but if you’re dedicated to skincare like moi, it’s just another day in the bathroom. Overall I’ve really noticed a smoother and calmer appearance in my complexion after continuously using the Drops of Youth moisturiser otherwise known as Youth Cream, the eye-cream, the Youth Concentrate and the Youth Essence Lotion as well as the Bouncy Sleeping Mask.  Each works together seamlessly, targeting the first signs of aging and leaving your skin more supple and fresh. My skin appears less blotchy, it feels softer and it looks more hydrated – and we all know that dry skin equals fine lines. It’s also made my foundation go on really smoothly, which is a lovely bonus. So,  all in all, I would recommend. It’s a lovely range that won’t break the bank and whilst it won’t wind back the clock entirely, it might just stop it whizzing forward – and I’m all for that

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