The Body Shop’s Clear Skin SuperHeroes

Battling spots is never fun but thankfully The Body Shop has a range of tea tree oil enriched products that can help you with mission ‘clear skin.’ When I was younger I definitely used to suffer from blemished skin and I know the struggle is real. Whether it’s ‘that time’ of the month, stress or diet, the reasons why you can have a breakout are seemingly endless. Before you throw your hands up in despair and face dive into a giant dominos, it’s time to take back control!

The Body Shop’s range of blemish battling products really pack a punch, effectively fighting imperfections to visibly improve the complexion, resulting in clear skin. The range is formulated with 100% organic tea tree oil and offers up a choice of on the spot action and products that deliver long-term defence. Knowing what causes spots and what you can do to stop them popping up to say ‘hiya’ is the first step in getting skin smart.

In today’s video, I’m going to show you the clear skin, superhero squad and let you into a few of the reasons as to why you might get spots on certain areas of the face. Now, being pregnant has given me a case of baby brain – so when I say that the Tea Tree Oil is brand new – it’s not! Please forgive. It’s actually a cult, best-selling product that’s formulated with the highest concentration of tea tree essential oil, to really get to work on those imperfections.

Clear Skin Superheroes


Clear Skin Superheroes

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