The Bourjois Eye Pencils

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. Make-up for me these days is all about being speedy. Slapping said make-up on and looking presentable for dog walking / coffee dates. If you work from home like moi, you’ll know what I mean. I could never fathom the idea of going bare faced during the day, but the idea of carefully contouring and blending when I only have the chihuhuas to appreciate it, also seems a bit redundant. And here in lies that make-up limbo, where going natural leaves you feeling dishevelled but being made up is (dare I say) a waist of time? *Slaps wrists* So enter into my world of the ultimate speedy make-up tool – otherwise known as Bourjois Colorband Eye Pencils. You need them in your life.


These one slick wonders are the ‘chubby stick’ version of eye pencils. Simply colour them on to your lids and you’re done. It’s literally that simple. I follow this step with some mascara and voila! You feel fresh, presentable and ready for anything! No brushes required. If you’re feeling really fancy you could even smudge on a little eyeliner. It’s almost too easy and shouldn’t take you more than a minute per eye. Draw a little under the lower lash line and you’ve got gorgeous sultry eyes in seconds. Available in a variety of subtle to bronze goddess shades, you’ll find one that’s impeccably flattering.  Time saving, wallet friendly, great colour pay off – there’s seriously nothing not to love about these!

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