The Christmas round up!

So the big day is finally over. I hope the big man was good to you, and you got everything you wanted! I got back from the stunning Maldives on Christmas eve, so it was quite surreal to go from summer to winter in the space of a day!┬áIn my household we do Secret Santa, so I already knew what I was getting for Christmas. We ask for what we want then the person who buys it is a secret… so I guess it’s not so Secret Santa!

I asked for quite a bit of make-up, a back massage from Liz Earle, and some vouchers for Space NK. Let me tell you, I was pretty happy with my choices this year. Take a little looksy at all my goodies!



I was most excited about shopping in the sales with my Space NK vouchers, but truth be told I was a tad disappointed. More on that tomorrow.

Until then, I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas, and are gearing up for New Years Eve!


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