The Class Pass Experience

The Class Pass Experience


I blame the fact that I went to a performing arts school for the reason that I can’t run. We didn’t do sports. Ballet was our thang. Cut to – one embarrassing day, when a personal trainer came up to me in the gym and asked with genuine interest; ‘why do you run so weird?‘  I’m not quite sure how I run, but I imagine it’s somewhat similar to Phoebe in Friends. You know. I’ve since made it my life goal to only run when being chased  – or for an amazing sale. 

So, I left my gym days behind when I moved to America and I discovered my love for yoga  and barre classes. Both of which are amazing and totally worth trying out if you have never done so before. Moving back to England, I soon realised that going to an awesome barre studio and an incredible yoga studio was going to put a serious dent in my bank balance. I mean, I’ve got bills to pay *and make-up to buy.* To my rescue came Class Pass. An amazing new concept that’s just hit UK.


So the idea behind Class Pass is that you pay around £80 per month, dependent on which package you sign up for, and you have access to thousands of classes at some of London’s most amazing studios. Think Barrecore ( my fave ) as well as many other exculsive studios including Psycle, where David Beckham has been known to frequent, Triyoga, Core Collective, Form Studios, Hit Girl and so, so many more.

Whether you’re into spinning, circuit training, pilates or even a face work-out at Face Gym there are classes for you. So what’s the catch?! Well, I for one have mistakenly booked a couple of classes which I have totally died in. You can become overly enthusiastic and book away, without realising what you’re signing up for ( or maybe that’s just me!) I have none the less learned: circuit training is not for wimps like me.

Class Pass Pro’s:

  • You won’t get bored as there are so many classes to choose from
  • You can go to an unlimited amount of classes during the month
  • There’s a really easy App to manage your class bookings
  • You can access super pricey classes, you may not normally be able to afford
  • It’s great if you live and work in two totally different areas, as you can go to any class in London
  • Doing three barre classes will work out more expensive than a Class Pass membership
  • You can also use your Class Pass in other countries
  • Try it out for 10 days before you commit

Class Pass Con’s:

  • You can only go to three classes at the same studio per month
  • You will constantly be going to different studios
  • You incur quite hefty cancellation fees if you cancel within 12 hours of your booking
  • They often use generic pictures for classes – so you may sign up to something you’re not prepared for!
  • Not all classes at all studios are offered
  • For really busy classes you have to book pretty early to get a spot


In a nutshell:

I’m really enjoying Class Pass so far. It allows me to do the type of yoga that I love, which I feel is so much more advanced than the yoga you would find in a gym. It offers variety and allows me to challenge myself and try different forms of exercise I normally wouldn’t.

So, if you’re looking for a new way to work out – I would definitely recommend you give it a try!


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