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brush2There is a little chore in the make-up world, that’s not often discussed. It’s the non glamorous side of the gig, the snoresville of the beauty world, but necessary all the same. Like brushing your teeth. It’s not fun, but you gotta do it, and if you don’t, when you do you will be shocked. Trust me.

Seeing as this is a beauty blog, I imagine that most of you wash your make-up brushes regularly, but there are people out there who never knew they had to. This is fun, when they wash their brushes for the first time, the horrified look *whats all that brown stuff?*. That’ll be a years worth of  bronzer. I’m easily amused

For those of you who have no clue about the ol’ brush washing game, here’s the lowdown.

You should wash your brushes every 2 weeks for the following reasons:

  • It’s hygienic
  • Bacteria develops on make-up brushes
  • Using bacteria laden brushes on your skin can cause acne/infection
  • Washing get’s rid of old make-up
  • Clean brushes = better make-up application
  • Clean brushes= the colors you use won’t end up ‘muddy’ by mixing with other colors


  • I like to use any shampoo I’m using at the time. Right now it’s a Toni and Guy offering, but I know lots of people like using baby shampoo.
  • Rinse brushes under warm water
  • Shampoo each brush
  • Rinse until the water runs clean



  • Squeeze out excess water from the brushes
  • Re-shape brushes and lay them flat on a flannel
  • Never stand brushes up to dry, as water will trickle down and dissolve the glow that holds in the bristles
  • Dry brush handles well, as water can damage the handles


  • Use a professional brush cleaner, like the one I have from Mac.

OK, this isn’t really cheating, as it doesn’t get you off the hook with the whole water meets brush, meets shampoo situation. This is a great quick fix though, and will clean your brushes in between colors.  You can either spritz this on to your brush, or decant a little in to a jar and swirl your brush around in it.  Next wipe your brush on to a paper towel until it’s clean.

Once you have soaped up and rinsed out all those brushes, consider your brushes as clean as a whistle. *Whatever that means!* PS. It’s very satisfying watching all the gunky make-up wash out.  Like I said, easily amused.

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