The Cult Products

The Cult Products

cult productsThere are a fair few products that have gained cult status. The products that have undoubtedly graced a beauty bloggers bathroom – at least once. The celebs of the beauty world, if you will! Now any self respecting beauty geek has to dabble in the world of ‘cult’ – whether it’s just to see what all the fuss is about or you simply have to have it! Behold friends – the ‘cult’ products that have made it to celebrity beauty status.

1. Bioderma

This French fancy may look simple and sure enough the premise of this product is – just a Micellar Water aiming to cleanse and clean your face from the ickiness of the day. Sweat, make-up, products be gone, in one swift, sweep of Bioderma on a cotton pad. I didn’t think I would love this product but it’s just so simple, soothing and effective and really does take off every scrap of make-up. Use this before other cleansing products for the ultimate clean face. A French pharmacy favourite, you can only get this one online, in France, or in some of the pharmacies of South Kensington in London. Luckily I have a stockist right up the street from me – I plan to keep them in business!

2. Origins

This is truly an additive product. A ‘drink up’ face mask for parched complexions. Simply pop on the creamy coloured mask, that applies clear and go to bed. No horror stories to tell here. You wake up with a perfectly soft, peachy complexion. Packed full of Japanese seaweed, avocado and apricot – all helping to diminish the signs of ageing through hydration- I don’t go a day without using this beauty!

3. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair 2

This cult product gained a loyal following with the first verion of itself Then the newest number came a rollin’  into town – even better. Oh my. It’s got a ton of science based claims that I won’t go into here, but should you wish to read my full musings on this, check them out here.I use this every night and most mornings for calmer, hydrated skin. Loved by celebs, models and you guessed it, beauty bloggers! Again – I don’t think I could stop using this now, unless something better came out. Obvs!

4. Pixi Glow Tonic

Don’t hate me or faint in horror…but this is the one ‘cult’ product that I’m really not too impressed with. Like many I made my pilgrimage to the Pixi shop on Carnaby street in London, only to be turned away, as this orange bottle of ‘glow’ was constantly sold out  – and boy I had to get my mitts on it. When I did however, it was a bit of a let down. Which can happen when a product has had SO much hype. I didn’t really get that ‘glow’ that everyone was talking about, but then again I started using this in winter when I think it’s just to harsh a product to reach for. I’m going to try it again now the weather is a bit nicer though! Check out my full review here!

5. Emma Hardie Amazing Face

Is quite simply the most luxe product I have ever had the joy of  using. It smells divine, leaves your skin beautifully cleansed and is an all round pleasure to use. This helps to purify your skin, while minimising your pores and apparently can also be used as a mask if you leave it on for 10 minutes. This is definitely a high end product, so I tend to just use this at night time, for it’s soothing benefits.

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