The empties line up #1


Sooner or later you’re squeezing, spritzing, or dabbing on the last drops of the good stuff before it’s officially an empty. I’m rather thrifty with my products; I’ve even been known to cut open a toothpaste to get out the last remains. Alright, don’t judge. Anyho…. the point is, you have decide whether that empty will become a re-buy, or ‘nice try,’ and yep, I hear how cheesy that sounds!

Here’s my current line up of empties, I’ve kept to show you and whether I’ll be buying them again.

From left to right in the line up, we have;

Paul Smith Sunshine Eau De Toilette: This is an amazingly beautiful and fresh summer scent. I used to get loads of questions about what perfume I was wearing whenever I spritzed this. Definitely a re-buy!

Lush Enchanted Eye Cream: This one is looking a little worse for wear, with it’s poor missing pump lid. Only bad part about Lush packaging is it can tend to break on you, but hey, it’s a small price to pay for a company that’s helping to save the planet! I’ve done a full post on this which you can read here in a nutshell this is the only eye cream my sensitive peepers will tolerate. LOVE IT.

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish: Liz Earle seduced me with their signature facial which is A MAZING, since then I’ve had quite the love affair with their products, but sadly they don’t sell them in the USA. They do post though, which I may look into if I can’t find another facial cleanser I love as much. Don’t miss the full post of this here.

Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover: This eye make-up remover was OK, not great just average. I always still had traces of eye make-up left on after using this. I feel like if a product is pricey and doesn’t blow your socks off, it is definitely a ‘nice try’ but I won’t be re-buying this one.

Victoria Secret Aruba Coconut Body Lotion: Calling all my coco-nuts this one’s for you. It smells great (it’s pretty strongly scented though) and is very light which is nice if you’re in a hot climate. I would re-buy this when I’ve finished their body butter, which I currently prefer.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir: Lastly we have the wonder spritzer that every beauty blogger loves. I am the odd one out here, as I can’t get my schnoz around the smell, you can read all about it here. On the plus side, when spritzed over freshly applied make-up, it really gives your skin a lovely dewy glow. For me though, this isn’t a re-buy. Luckily I’ve discovered the Caudalie Grape water. Full post right about here.

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