The Glitter Guide

glitterWhen you think of glitter, thoughts of school art classes with a pot of the sparkly stuff, and a welcome stick of glue can come to mind. Whether you love it, or loathe it, because lets face it, those pesky particles will roam exactly where you don’t want them to, glittery make-up CAN in fact look amazing.

Now I know a lot of people will shy away from glitter, casting it off as too tweenie or try hard, but a subtle amount of glitter, a little sparkle in just the right places can make your make-up stunning, alluring, and dare I say, sophisticated. You just need to follow my glittery top tips and you will rock it like no other.glitterpic


  • Start off with a make-up free face! I can’t stress this enough. Glitter strays and you don’t want it popping anywhere other than where you put it.
  • After you have carefully applied the glitter, cleanse the face well, leaving no trace of glitter any where other than your eyes. Wipes are your friend.
  • Use sticky tape to ‘blot’ and pick up stray bits of glitter that won’t budge with a wipe alone.
  • Keep the rest of the face very neutral and matte. You don’t want to look like a disco ball.
  • Take your time. Glitter and rushing do not mix.


  • Apply glitter with a damp brush for better control
  • Apply to just the lower or upper lash line, for a little flash or sparkle
  • Experiment with a glittery eyeliner. A simple and easy way to apply.
  • Using a tiny amount of glitter or iridescent showder in the inner corners of the eyes, for a pretty fresh faced look.
  • Get your self a glittery lip gloss for something a little different, but keep the rest of face neutral.
  • ┬áBeginners; try using a pressed glitter eyeshadow rather than a looser glitter


  • Apply glitter as the last step in your make-up. The glitter can and will drop. This is the main difference between teenage ‘glitter’ make-up, and sophisticated, adult like make-up.
  • Go crazy with the glitter. Less is more.
  • Use strong glittery colors for during the day. Glitter is best saved for a night time look.

Glitter guide done. No disco balls allowed please!

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