The Gold and White Glitter Manicure

This month I’ve been joining in on a fun little instagram challenge called Super Gorgeous September created by the lovely Alice of the Super Gorgeous Blog. Everyday there is a new ‘task’ to take a lil’ picture of, then post to instagram with the hash tag Super Gorgeous Sept. Simples. If you want to join in the fun, or follow me on instagram here are the details below: ME!

Hello, you mentioned a white gold glitter manicure?!

Yes I did, I like to ramble.. so, the glittery manicure was the result of last Friday’s Super Gorgeous photo challenge to follow a tutorial. I followed this lovely nail tutorial courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere¬† – head over there for full instructions. I think the idea of this glittery manicure is so lovely and when done *ahem* well, it can look amazing. Sadly my attempt was a tad undesirable, with glitter straying where it should not stray, but still, I loved getting a glimpse of gold sparkles all weekend. I’m easily entertained. glittermani
Here’s my top tips, through lessons learned if you’re going to attempt this super awesome manicure…

1. Use little nail stickers like the ones you would use for a french manicure, to get a more uniformed and even shape.
2. To prevent glitter migration – only use the top coat on the glittery bit, OR wipe the clear top polish in between every coat.
3.Wait until the white polish is completely dry before you start fiddling with the glitter
4. Don’t open glitter anywhere near your computer or camera. *Guilty* I now have a rather fetching glittery lens though.

So definitely give this manicure a try, it looks so pretty, even if you are a nail art hopeless case like moi.

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