The Hangover Helper

smoothie1Just as  I post you pictures of a delicious holiday cocktail here I am again with another drink recipe. I am on a fire! This Jason Vale juice master recipe is for the morning after the night before when the holiday cocktail is the last thing you want to see, and seeing as we are one day away from the last day of the year, this may come in handy for those who plan to party 2013 in to history.

You Need:

1 large Orange
1 Large handful of mixed berries – strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries ( you can also use frozen)
1 banana
100g Low-fat live yoghurt
4 ice cubes.

Blend it all up *sorry this part is not great for a throbbing head*  drink it up!

So how does this help?!

Well, its packed with multiple vitamins that will cleanse and detoxify your body. The oranges are full or vitamin C, folic acid, a multitude of minerals which are all diminished after heavy drinking.  Natural sugars in this drink will help to raise depleted blood sugar levels, and the water in the fruits will re-hydrate your body, whilst the natural bacteria will help quell any nausea or an upset tummy.

What else can I do?!

If you can’t handle making a smoothie grab yourself a coconut water which is crammed full of electrolytes to rehydrate. Next, make yourself some eggs which contain cysteine, an amino acid that will step up liver function that will allow your body to break down remaining booze toxins faster. Lastly you will probably need to pop some pain killers, and go back to bed!  The new Years resolutions can start tomorrow!

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