The Holiday Cocktail


On Christmas Eve we had a few people over, so I decided to try this new recipe and extend my holiday cocktail repertoire. I’m quite good at making holiday bevs, just so you know. The feedback was… and I quote… ‘this cocktail is amazing‘ my guests words of course, but I can’t argue with them. It pretty much tastes like liquid apple pie. It is terrific. DSC03435

This cocktail was so good, I couldn’t even get a good snap before they disappeared, but as much as I love the holiday straws which I bought here by the way… you don’t taste the ice cream when you drink from them, which I think you’ll agree is a tragic waste.


I love festive food and drinks, and If you fancy something a little different, be sure to check out the full recipe and ingredients on the Beautiful Mess Blog. Theses gal’s are always creating delicious looking recipes, and I for one will be trying a lot more of them.

PS. this cocktail is strong – just so you know, before you give one to grandma!

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