The Honestly Healthy Supper Club

supper club

My Instagram account is a mixture of adorable animals, make-up, fashion and healthy eats. The latter being one of my favourite and most appetising genres to drool over on my feed. So, when I spotted that Tash, the health guru behind Honestly Healthy was hosting a supper club that would feature her recipes, I dashed to grab some tickets!

The supper club was held at the incredibly beautiful Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill, in a room covered with candles and cocktails. Just how I like it. There were low sugar cocktails served on arrival, that were just so delicious and surprisingly still healthy (apparently!) Natasha was greeting everyone when we got there, then we sat down to a virtuous three course meal.

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So the idea behind this way of eating is that you eat as much Alkaline food as possible to keep your body healthy and hopefully prevent disease. Tash recommends the 70/30 method so that you eat this way the majority of the time, but allow a little (guilt free) wiggle room to incorporate other foods. An idea I can get on board with. The food we ate was really delicious and I would definitely recommend eating this way. Although anything is easy if you have someone whipping up tasty treats for you! Natasha didn’t really speak or introduce the book which I was a bit surprised about. If you were a hardcore fan you may have been a bit disappointed. Having said that, she did go around and talk to people one on one which was a nice touch! In spite of my mum confessing she went home and ate a packet of crisps after *tut tut* it was a lovely introduction to some seriously healthy eats.

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