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influenster Spring Vox Box

Hey guys! So I brought you the post about what I received in my Influenster box a couple of days ago and here’s the video all about my goodies – because sometimes it’s just nice to watch a little something! There are so many fab products that I’ve loved testing out and I’m sure you would like them too. I hope you enjoy and remember you can subscribe to my You Tube Channel here should you wish too!

The Influenster Spring Vox Box Video


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  • Terri Shaw

    Nice video review! Thank you for sharing.

  • Sandra Gray

    Nicely made video and the first one I’ve watched on this site. You are very friendly and authoritative sounding. Still I don’t know that I’d try any of those cosmetics. There are too many bad chemicals in them anymore. I especially wonder about the blueberry pomegranate scented lip balm. I’m doubting, but I could be wrong, that there is actually any blueberry or pomegranate in it at all, rather a chemical mixed to smell like that. Believe it or not some people don’t realize that. My mom was shocked when I told her that one of her blueberry flavored cereals didn’t actually have a single blueberry in it. Hope you start to lean towards some more organic and natural products.

    • Thanks so much for your comment Sandra! I have very mixed feelings about products that claim to be ‘organic’ and natural – purely because this is normally a marketing trick and actually nothing in the product is natural at all… it’s not regulated very strictly in the USA… you might be interested in this post that I wrote though:

      Thanks for reading – I appreciate and value every comment!!

  • tisme143

    these are all very nice, love the box goodies 🙂 i love body cream, or lotions because my skin is always dry 🙂

    • I have very dry skin too! 🙁 it’s a struggle! Thanks for visiting my blog!