The Japanese Stationary Haul

The Japanese Stationary Haul


In case I haven’t told you already –  I’ve got this thing for Japan. It’s the ultimate juxtaposition of quirky and traditional and the shopping there is JUST. SO. INCREDIBLE. I wouldn’t really describe myself a stationary geek per-se… Sure, a back to school stationary haul would get me a little too giddy, and my prized furry sticker book collection was something of a precious commodity to me, but that’s where it ended.

jap3 Then, I discovered the joy that is Washi Tape  and there was no looking back. Cut to – my trip to Japan and next thing you know I’m cramming post cards, note books, little stickers (that I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with) into my overflowing basket.


The shop Itoya is stationary heaven. Throw in the equivalent of Japanese £1 shops and any rational person would go a little bit nuts. Cheap and wonderful! It’s the stuff shopping dreams are made of.


Naturally I needed these adorable make-up stickers.

jap8And I couldn’t leave without the cutest shoe stickers the world has ever seen.


Of course these guys spoke to me and told me how much they wanted to live in London with me.

How could I refuse?


The only problem is, the stationary is just so beautiful and just so cute, that I can’t bring myself to write in any of the note books. Until I master the art of washi tape craft only those lucky birthday boys and gals are benefiting from my rather large tape collection.  You’re welcome.


Whilst I can’t take you stationary haulin’ in Japan (sob) I can show you a couple of cute stationary bits from around the web…

I dare you not to fall in love with washi tape!


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