The Kardashians have arrived!

First they had a simple shop called DASH, then a reality TV show, then, world domination in the form of endorsements, that must be coming out of their ears. You may remember I posted about their soon to be released make-up line, Khroma Beauty?

If you can’t wait for their make-up to grace our shores, and want a piece of the Kardashian action right now, then hot step it to Dorothy Perkins, who have just launched a Kardashian range of clothing ( with the girls of course!)

There’s every thing from classic Kim body con dresses, to jeans, tops, jackets and accessories – and if you thought no one in the UK cares about the Kardashians, think again! When Kim, Khloe and Kourtney launched their line, Westfield shopping mall was literally a stampede of teenagers, who slept all night in the car park to get a glimpse of the famous sisters.

I have to admit Kourtney Kardashain is my absolute style icon, so don’t judge me when I tell you got a little Kardashian Krazy! Yes I too, bought a little piece of the Kardashian collection. Check out my new black PU jacket:) I actually really love it! It’s a little bit shorter in the body than I was hoping for, but for £55 I think it’s not bad. I don’t about you, but I think I have a striking resemblance to Kim in this little number!;)

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