The Layered Nail


In the name of ‘trying new things‘ and refusing to let glitter die, even though we are post-festive season *sob* I’m spicing things up in the nail department with the layered nail. Oh yes, I’m talking not one, but two nail polishes. Polish on polish, if you will. Now there is a method behind this madness, and that is changing the nail polish color and making glitter pop. Who said painting nails wasn’t scientific?!

Firstly there’s the simple fact that most glitter nail polishes fall short in the ‘wow’ factor. They glide on, in a disappointingly different hue and texture to that of its proud self in the bottle. Weak, often clear-ish versions of their glitter packed selves. This is where the layering comes in. Choose your favorite bold color and paint on two coats. Next, select your glitter polish and paint it on top. Done.  This is the fun part, as you can never be quite sure of the color your talons will end up. What may slick on dark grey, transforms into a midnight black with dark emerald glitter flecks, and will shine where the glitter polish alone will fall short. Magic.bglitternail2

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