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Let’s begin by saying….. I feel like there are more mascara releases than I’ve had hot dinners. Which is possibly true. As my Instagram would reveal, I appear to be a sushi addict. Still, that doesn’t mean to say I don’t like new releases. Hey I’m a beauty junkie, any ‘new’ thing is a welcome product in my books. So, the Mascara in question today, is of course the L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara that is $8.99, and I bagged myself ‘Blackest Black.’

I didn’t realize this before I bought this mascara, but apparently it’s had a lot of hype on You Tube, which has made it a bit of a ‘must try product.’ I have to admit the brush itself is pretty interesting, and nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s described as having a ‘wing tip brush’ which gives you a clue as to where they got the Butterfly name from. One half of the bristles are long, and the other half are short, so I assumed the longer side was for the top lashes, and the shorter side was for the bottom lashes. I am a genius. DSC03373

So… How was it? Well, to be perfectly honest, its not my favorite. Yes, it does separate the lashes nicely, and the bristles seem to play a key role here, but I found that the differing bristle lengths made this slightly awkward to apply which can result in a little mascara on/below lid situation. Although it lengthened the lashes nicely I don’t really think it made them more voluminous. I would say my lashes resembled spiders legs, a lot more than the wide eyed promise of butterfly wings (as per the packaging)Boo. I’ll let you decide by viewing these rather unnerving enlarged pictures of my eyes. maskara

It’s not a bad mascara, and I would still use this for everyday but in general I’ll still be reaching for my favorite budget buy mascara, the Maybelline Rocket Volume.  That baby is awesome!

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