The Luscious Lash Guide

The Luscious Lash Guide


The eye’s are the windows to the soul, so why not take advantage of your most important feature with some top tips that will make your lashes truly fluttering. Oh yes, I went there! Pretty eyelashes are universally flattering. They’re the fail-safe go to beauty trick that will never look bad, and will always make your eyes look larger and more alluring. Fancy. The eyelashes have a quiet power all of their own, that can attract attention with minimal effort. Now that’s the kind of beauty I’m into.

Try these tips for your best looking lashes yet!

For cleaner more voluminous lashes, use a business card ( I like to reach for my Topshop Beauty card – respect) and hold this against the base of the lashes with one hand – with the other hand wiggle the mascara wand in a zig zag motion, pulling the lashes outward to the side of the face, making sure you work from root to tip.  This will prevent clumps, stop mascara being applied to your eyelid and also create a flattering cat eye look!

For a wide eyed look only apply mascara on the top lashes. Applying on the lower lashes can create dark circles under the eye which isn’t flattering.

For a fun summer time look reach for a bright coloured waterproof mascara! No one likes a full face of make-up at the beach, but a flash of colour on your lashes will stop you feeling totally bare faced, whilst being totally cute and flattering.

Before you use your eyelash curlers heat them up with a hair dryer  for a few seconds. Next squeeze your eyelash curlers on to those lashes for around 5-8 seconds. The heat will help to curl the lashes making your eyes look large and pretty. Never use eyelash curlers with mascara on though! A girl I went to school with did this and all her eyelashes broke off. True Story.

If you mess up your mascara and get blotches where they shouldn’t be, wait till the mascara dries completely then take a dry cotton bud, press it on to the mascara smudge and in one swift movement twist and pull it off your face. This will prevent further smudges and minimize messing up the rest of your make-up.

For a special occasion treat yourself to a few eyelash extensions!  I love doing this when I’m going on holiday as I don’t need to worry about mascara. Eyelash extensions will make your lashes appear longer and thicker –  or simply apply a pair of fake lashes for instant glamour and fun!


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