The Miami Blow Dry

DSC02538While I’m obsessed with traveling, I’m also mad keen on finding the top beauty destinations wherever I am. Miami was no exception. I must confess, my list of beauty destinations to visit whilst there, was quite long. Alas, beach time got the better of me, and I only made it to one beauty destination, but boy was it a goodun! B Dry Blow dry bar in South Beach, is the stuff beauty dreams are made of. I kid not. Walk in a disheveled lass, come out a transformed lady with beach waves thrown in for good measure.

Please can I come here everyday? DSC02537

Lets start off with the fact that its only $35 to get your hair washed and styled from anything to big and voluminous, to sleek and straight. Anyone getting married in the Miami area, this is your go to place. Where else could you get your wedding hair done for only $75, along with the rest of your bridal party, plus make-up all at the same time?! This isn’t even a sponsored post, I just really love this place!


When you walk in to this sleek salon, just a stones throw from Lincoln Road you are promptly greeted with a glass of champagne or a mimosa if you prefer, and then your talons are washed and the styling begins.


I decided to go for ‘beachy waves’, and my stylist Leena preened my hair to perfection in around 35 minutes – amazing. Leena tonged my hair so that as the day went on, the curls would become more ‘beachy’ and look more effortless. Anyone who’s been to Miami will know heat, and styled hair don’t mix too well so this was a great idea – start off big.

And the finished result:miamihair


As one who struggles with her locks, especially when hair meets humidity, I can thoroughly vouch for the wonder that is the blow dry bar. If you ever find yourself in Miami, hot foot it down to B Dry Blow Dry bar – you won’t be disappointed.

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