The Most Amazing BB Cream

The Most Amazing BB Cream

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I know what you’re thinking. Can we please move on from BB Creams?  Under normal circumstances, I happily let you, because let’s face it, a lot of them don’t live up to the hype. That was the case, until this Body Shop beauty quietly entered the scene. There was no hype, no marching band, just a killer product that really works. So, before you wash your hands of the BB’s, casting them off as so two years ago….you must try the most amazing BB cream ever – The Body Shop All-In- One BB Cream.

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I’ve mentioned this BB in a fair few posts recently, but never have I truly explained the wonder that is this all in one skin care delight. So, let’s rewind. Normally I find that BB Creams promise a lot, but deliver very little. We’re told that a BB cream will give us the kind of skin only Disney Princesses’ possess, but all too often we’re left spoldging on over rated tinted moisturisers.  Sigh.

Drum roll please.

The Body Shop BB cream is a game changer. Apply this white formula to your skin, blend in and it will instantly adapt to your skin’s unique tone. I like to buff mine into the skin with a Sigma Kabuki brush for a truly amazing finish. It gracefully hides imperfections, while giving your skin the flawless glow that you’ve been looking for. It’s not particularly long wearing, but it will make your skin look so fresh and dewy whilst it’s on there. I like to powder super shiny areas on my face like my forehead and nose. This also helps the BB cream last longer. It’s light but will give you more coverage than any tinted moisturiser I’ve ever tried. It’s doesn’t clog your skin at all, yet leaves it nicely hydrated all day long.

Top Tip…

If you’re more of a full face make-up gal, use this BB as a primer for added glow and follow with your normal foundation. Perfection!


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