The Nail Must Haves..

The Nail Must Haves..


It would appear that I’ve been on a bit of a nail theme as of late, so I thought that I should do a round up of my go to ‘nail must haves’ that are a great addition to any collection! These items are ideal for perfecting an at home mani, that will allow you to skip the odd nail appointment and go DYI instead!



Hand Cream: Is one of those things that when used regularly, it can make such a difference to both your cuticles and the overall appearance of your hands. I like to keep mine on my bed side table so that I remember to use it before I go to sleep! You’ll wake up with silky soft paws, if you do this! My current fave is this one by Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra Enriched Hand creme.

Cuticle cream: Is super helpful if you have jagged dry skin around your nails. This one by Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab is great, and really makes a difference. It’s more like a Vaseline in consistency – again keep this by your bed so you can use it before you sleep!

Cuticle cutters: Now I know that cutting your cuticles is quite controversial and I’m really not advocating that you do that. Pushing them back after a hot shower is much better, but let’s get real, if you have a hang nail or you bite/ pick your skin around your nails (like I do) it’s much better to tidily snip off the skin,  rather than bite it or rip it. Not cute, I know, but sometimes beauty is pretty ugly.

Nail File: I’m always picking my nails, so in effort to have more manicured looking digits, I’ve started carrying a nail file around with me, and keep one on my desk. It helps keep you nails looking good, and stops you from picking at them. I adore my Swarovski nail file. It’s glass and has little crystals on it. Totes adorbs!

Nail Polish Remover Pen: I’ve been meaning to buy one of these for a while, and literally just bagged myself this one from CVS. It’s a must have for when you paint your nails at home and need to clean up around the edges. It a lot easier than trying to use a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover. Easy to use and works like a charm. Everyone needs one of these.


Do you have any at home manicure must haves? Let me know what they are so I can pop them into my collection!

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  • Terri Shaw

    I will have to try cuticle rehab. Thank you for sharing.

  • Shannon

    These sound like great products. Thank you for sharing.