The new scent: SeeBy Chloe

You may remember my perfume dilemma, where I either have bottles of the good stuff crammed on to every bathroom shelf, or none.  Happily I have a new edition to my little perfume family, with lucky number three being SeeBy Chloe, taking prime time location on the bathroom shelf.


Those with a keen eye (or eyes) will notice almost a quarter of the ‘precious juice’ (their words not mine) has gone, which really is an ode to how incredibly fresh this scent is. I only got this about three weeks ago, so it’s a bit worrying what I’m doing with the stuff. Not drinking it, don’t worry!


The bottle itself is elegantly simple, with little glass pleats that give an almost retro feel, and the sandalwood in SeeBy Chloe really makes this a musky, yet fresh fragrance. With fragrant notes of bergamot, apple blossom  and Jasmine, I dare you not to want to bath in it. I’m actually planning on doing just that, and buying the shower gel to get a double whammy of this lovely stuff.


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