The new thing: Dior BB Creme

The Dior BB Creme was a purchase that was inevitably going to happen. I knew it would eventually wiggle its way into my make-up bag, all pretty in its pale pink get up, with its gorgeous silver writing. You had me at Dior. It’s not a coincidence that this little number has had quite the hype recently, and it’s lil’ sister the Dior BB Eye creme is all the rage, but once out of its shiny box, in the light of day on my skin, how did it hold up?

So, if you’re familiar with the BB bombardment you know the drill already, and the Dior BB Creme makes the same claims as all the ones that came before. I won’t bore you, but in a nutshell its supposed to be skin perfecting goodness, hydrating, moisturizing, smoothing and perfecting. The Dior BB is slightly different in that it provides a ‘rosy glow,’ enhanced by the mineralised water which provides long lasting radiance, enriched with a breakthrough 3-tea antioxidant complex. I can absolutely testify that it wasn’t the slightest bit greasy, (which some BB’s are) and left my skin feeling matte and smooth. The added SPF 10 is an added bonus, but I wouldn’t solely rely on this for sun protection.DSC02220
Even though the Dior BB creme is designed to adapt to every skin tone, I feel that the shade 002 that was picked out for me, is slightly too light for my now tanned skin. diorme

The problem I always have with a BB creme is that I always want it to be as effective at covering blemishes as a foundation, but sadly, I’m afraid to say, none of them are. The Dior BB creme is hailed as a “next generation complexion enhancer” so really it’s one step up from a tinted moisturizer, with similar coverage, but added skin perfecting qualities.Although, I think the jury is still out on whether BB cremes do actually perfect your skin or not.

Personally the coverage of this product is too light for me, and in a way I think the rosy and peach glow enhancing properties almost highlight some of my skin imperfections, and make my sun spots appear more prominent. Having said that, I think it could look amazing as a primer underneath foundation as it would give you a lovely glow, with the foundation providing the coverage of imperfections. I like reaching for this on days when I don’t feel like wearing make-up, but for ‘perfect skin’ days, I will definitely  reach for foundation.

Dior does advise that you follow the BB creme with their Nude Rose Loose powder, which could perhaps provide more of a finished look. It’s too early to say if I would re-buy this, but as of now, it didn’t really knock my socks off – a tall order for any BB! Still, it does look rather pretty amongst my make-up stash.

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