The new thing: Jergens BB body cream


Ever since BB cream’s exploded on to the beauty scene there’s been an influx of imitators, or is it innovators – I can’t decide. First came the BB’s then there were the CC’s, then we moved from the face to the hair, and now to other parts of the body. Really, is was a only a matter of time until someone did it, and kudos to Jergens for being the first one to bring out the Jergens BB body cream. I almost can’t believe it’s taken so long!

The Jergens BB body cream claims to be a perfecting skin cream, which¬† has 5 beautifying benefits in one moisturizing flawless appearance ( as above!) It’s designed to: 1.Hydrate 2. Illuminate 3. Even skin tone 4. Firm skin 5. Minimize the appearance of imperfections. DSC03907

Now, as a frequent eczema sufferer it would be a pretty tall order to ‘perfect’ my pins, and whilst I was hopeful, honestly the whole idea of a BB for your body just seemed like ‘body make-up’ masquerading as a BB cream… because it’s younger and hotter. Or something like that!

Well to my surprise, it’s not actually like make-up at all, even though it’s the color of a light foundation, it is a very hydrating and nourishing cream, which like any cream would improve your skin tone after frequent use.

It definitely gives the skin a nice glow and sheen to it, and it gets the thumbs up in the hydration category, but I’m not so sure that it evens out the skin tone or minimizes the appear of imperfections. At least not in 5 days like they claim! Still, I like it and I think it would make your legs look rather lovely in the summer months. I don’t know if I would use this everyday, but for my summer holiday – a place in my suitcase is reserved for this baby!

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