The Nosh Juice Cleanse

The Nosh Juice Cleanse


It’s taken me quite a while to tell you about the  Nosh Juice Cleanse! Like most people I jumped on the post Christmas ‘detox’ band wagon and signed up to do a juice cleanse at the end of January. I got an amazing special offer price so I thought hey, why not! The cleanse involved drinking 5 juices a day at specified times and nothing else. So, it’s always better to clear your social calendar if you’re planning on doing a juice cleanse, as going out would have been unbearable! I’ve always wanted to try a juice cleanse but the timing never seemed right. But, the end of January when no one was going out? Perfect! Or that’s what I thought. January is cold, and drinking cold juice for five days is pretty darn hard, le’ me tell ya!


I’m pretty healthy in general and didn’t think I would find the cleanse too hard but oh boy, it was tough. Read more about my juicy journey below!

Day One:

Started off well. The first juice tasted really refreshing as it was a lemony flavour to detox the liver. You have to drink 5 juices at specified times throughout the day, which I actually found really easy to do. All the juices tasted delicious and were really filling. I started to really miss crunching food though and actually found myself jealous of my chihuahuas crunching on their doggy biscuits. To stop myself literally feeling freezing, I added in a cheeky green tea and Japanese popcorn tea (which I’m sure was cheating) into the mix. The tea really did save me though!

Day Two:

Was actually tougher than day one. I felt quite light headed and it was difficult to concentrate. I found myself making really stupid mistakes at work and all I could think about was eating food. I was actually shocked at how hard I was finding it, drinking just juice. My stomach felt weirdly full but at the same time, hungry. A very strange sensation indeed!

Day Three:

I actually went out to The Electric cinema in the evening which I found quite difficult, as there’s always people eating and crunching and drinking. Oh dear. I sat and sipped my smoothie. It was rough. Hunger really was setting in and the freezing January cold just made it that much harder. I was starting to feel quite dizzy and wasn’t sure if I could make it until the end.


So, I had decided to stick with the cleanse for the full 5 days, but the juices didn’t defrost in time! Being a kitchen dunce I had put them in the fridge but didn’t realize that they needed to be left out ( not refrigerated) to defrost. Error. Still I was actually pretty relieved as I was just so cold and craving real food and missed having a social life!

Final Thoughts!

The cleanse was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I think it would be much easier to do in the warmer months of the year. I lost around 5 pounds and to my surprise actually kept it off for a good month! Truly shocking, as I always thought you would just gain the weight back right after a juice cleanse. My skin looked clearer, less blotchy and flake free – which is an incredible result for me! The cleanse made me realise I rush my food – often gobbling it up while standing in the kitchen.  I don’t even make it to the table a lot of the time. Not good. It also made me realize I need to drink SO much more water. I’m not sure I had all the feelings of ‘tons of energy’ like other people claim they have during and after these types of cleanses – but the other results made it all worth while.

Would you do it again?

Yes definitely  – but next time when it’s warmer outside!

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