The Packed Lunch


Packed lunch

I’ve never been super organised when it comes to food. I never really know what I fancy eating, then I get super hungry and resort to eating pizza. Not great. When it comes to lunch times at work, I’ve been eating the same thing from the office cafe for about 3 weeks straight, and besides the cost factor, I just figured I need to eat something healthier! Truly I don’t think I’ve had a packed lunch since my Dad used to make mine for Primary School. Those days are long gone, and so are the soggy cucumber bread sandwiches.. yum, but packed lunches are back in my life, and now they’re rather grown-up dahling! 

Packed lunch

Good food leads to great skin, more energy, a better figure and all the jazz. I decided to focus on making something healthy and wholesome, but also filling and delicious, for my first foray into the world of the packed lunch. I started off by making quinoa which is one of my new favourite things to eat, but you could also use brown rice, wild rice, or any other whole grain you like. Quinoa is really is easy to make ( just follow the directions on the packet) and add vegetable stock, or other spices to the water while it boils. Packed lunch

Next grab some different salad items you could throw in to your packed lunch. I roasted some carrots and sweet potato with olive oil garlic, and Italian herbs and stored them, ready to throw into salads. I also bagged myself some mixed leaves, some organic sprouts, and finished it off with avocado ( my actual obsession, and amazing for your skin!) packed lunch

Packed lunch

Like a good organised girl I bought myself a lunch box! Which felt really weird and a bit geeky, but come lunch time I was pretty happy with my healthy packed lunch. I also bought a mini storage pot for salad dressing, to add in when it came time to eat. Don’t add this before as it will make the leaves soggy, and everything a bit too mushy.Packed lunch

Get creative, and throw in other vegetables or other yummy ingredients. I love hummus and sun dried tomatoes, and also olives are at the top of my ‘must eat’ list. Get geeky and bring your own lunch! I’m thinking your wallet will love you for it!

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