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2013 reviewLike every new year, most of us start it off with the up most intentions, of doing all things good. Am I right? Detox anyone?! Personally I stopped making new years resolutions quite a while ago, but I always think if you stick to the core principals of: Be kinder, laugh more, and have more fun, you can’t go wrong! Plus…. ‘treat your body well, otherwise you’ll have nowhere to live.’ I totally stole that quote, but I can’t remember who from. My bad. So, in the name of being healthy, or just trying something new, I’ve brought you the good kind of takeaway – My Favorite Posts Of 2013! Some of them may just help you on the road to goodness!

* In the name of getting fit and being healthy – *ahhh.. media pressure of the new year!* I’m bringing you The 15 Minute Work Out. This is super effective, and you can ‘You Tube’ the individual moves so you’ll know your ‘mountain climbers’ from your ‘jump squats.’ A toned bod in less than half an hour – I’m in. 

* Following in the ‘healthy’ genre is The Beauty Smoothie. I’m obsessed with juices and Jason Vales juice book, so when you hear he’s got a recipe for a ‘beauty’ drink you know this gal’s all over that.

* I feel like 2013 was the year of the Ombre, and if *like me* you weren’t brave enough to mess with your locks, then you need to get experimental in the nail department. Fun, easy, and perfect for cold, winter, snowed in nights. Whip out a sponge and create some snow clouds on your nails. This takeaway is The Ombre Nail.

* Think about the warmer months and get to know your UVA’s from your UVB’s. Basically I did a ton of research for this post and I can’t let it die in the 2013 blog archive! Ha ha! It’s very interesting and informative too!

*Everyone should know how to clean their brushes and clean em’ well. This post will set you up for a very clean start to 2014. You can’t get this seasons winter white eye shadow with messy brushes now can you.

*Lastly, this one is for all my Brides out there, especially the ones thinking about going DIY make-up for the big day. This is a must read before you make any decisions. Check out my ‘Brides Guide’ here!

I truly hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as enjoy writing them. Here’s to a fabulous 2014 packed with Fluttering Lashes fun!

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