The Power of Red Lipstick

DSC03499Whether its the flash of red you see under the well heeled sole, of the lady sporting the Louboutin, or the intoxicating allure of the lipstick most don’t dare try, red is both intimidating and inciting in equal measure. It’s undeniable, that there’s just something about red. Red lipstick maybe the epitome of iconic female beauty across the ages, with black eyeliner eagerly jostling for that title. We have Hollywood to thank for the rise of the red lipstick, and the unlikely but very true events of world war 2 that made red lipstick a necessity, allowing women to feel feminine whilst helping to boost morale. Now that’s quite the accomplishment, but before I get all A level essay on you, lets just say, your challenge for this week of the Fluttering Lashes ‘Feel Good Month’ is to rock a red lipstick. You can do it!

Now, if you are a red lipstick veteran you may stop reading now, but if you’re cringing at the thought of wearing such a bold lip this post is for you lady! So… before you tell me that red doesn’t suit you blah blah, I’m here to tell you that red suits everyone. Really. You just need to find the right shade.

  • Red’s pretty much fall in to two categoriesWarm Red’s ( ORANGE based red) and Cool Red (BLUE/ PINK based red) Of course you can wear both, but one will blend will your skin tone in a subtle way, and the other will be more striking.
  • It’s really a game of trial and error, but for my girls trying red for the first time, grab a color that will work with your skin tone.
  • As a general rule, the lighter your skin tone the cooler the red, the darker your skin tone the more orange you can go.
  • If you’re still unsure, grab yourself a sheer red in the form of a chubby stick or a lip gloss, that will give you the color without the depth.

I’m wearing MAC’s Dubonnet which is a cool plum toned red, and I always pair a bold lip with minimal make-up on the rest of my face.


This challenge is for you to break out of your comfort zone, try something new and move away from any make-up ruts you may be in. After all, red lipstick brings color to your face, and makes your eyes sparkle, plus it’s the cheapest make over you will ever get!

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