The Red Carpet Manicure

The Red Carpet Manicure

 red1So, I actually have a confession to make. I’ve been keeping this little beauty quiet for about 2 years. I know. How rude. Well, let me explain. The Red Carpet Manicure entered my life after I spotted it in Harvey Nichols, and expressed my love for it, even though it had quite the hefty price tag. Naturally I made my arguments as to why I needed it – “It’s so much more cost effective than getting manicuresblah, blah – you get the idea. My brother, his lovely girlfriend, and the hubby, heard my pleas, and they all chipped into buy it for me for my birthday. Lucky me!

The Red Carpet Manicure kit is a gel polish pro kit, which is exactly what you would have applied, if you were to get a ‘shellac’ manicure done at a nail salon. Shellac is just the brand name for that specific gel polish, but all ‘gel polishes’ should last for up to 10 days. This is why we love them! The gel polish is painted on to the nails in a series of steps, and then placed under an LED light, that adheres the polish to the nail in 45 seconds. Amazing.

redcarpetmanicure1The set includes everything you would need to re-create the perfect gel manicure at home, excluding one thing – someone fabulous to do it for you. For me, there lies the problem. I am pretty bad at painting my nails. I try, and I’ve improved massively, but when it comes to ‘baking’ polish on to the nails like you do with this kit – let just say mistakes don’t go unseen, and it can be tricky to get things looking ‘perfect’ before you put your nails under the LED light.  I suspect the ‘Red Carpet Reddy’ color that comes in the kit (whilst a gorgeous shade) is one of the most unforgiving.


Still, my love lingers on for the Red Carpet Manicure. Perhaps the idea of it, more than my terrible execution of nail painting. Let’s face it… it really is more economical in the long run! You just need to be great at painting nails, or convince a friend to paint your nails for you. Anyone fancy it?!

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