The Review; Beauty Blender

When a product has been awarded an Allure Editors Choice award, you know it’s worth a try. The only thing about this product though, is that you’ll most likely have to order it online, as this baby hasn’t hit the shelves of Boots or your local CVS – the mind boggles as to why!

I’ve been wanting to try this sponge for sometime, and eventually put digits to screen and bought it from Amazon. You can also find the Beauty Blender on guru beauty sites such as Cult Beauty, which makes sense, as the gal’s from this site know their must have beauty items.

The beauty blender isn’t your average sponge. It’s designed to be saturated in water, squeezed out, dipped in foundation, and then applied to your skin. Following these simple steps gives your skin a lovely glowing look, without any brush strokes or lines that may appear when using an edged sponge, or foundation brush. As it has no edges it makes for a flawless application, and the smaller end can be used to apply make-up to more tricky areas of the face such as under the eyes, and around the nose.

It’s worth noting that making the sponge wet will also effect the product you’re using. It works perfectly well with any regular foundation, but try using this with the Dr Jart Smart Gel Water Fuse BB, and you may end up with a face resembling almond milk. Not a good look, I think you’d agree.

When using the damp sponge on your skin you MUST bounce or (stipple) the beauty blender to apply product, and create a seamless finish. Don’t wipe this sponge around your face – I’ve found this can create flaky patches, and doesn’t create the desired (flawless) effect. Bounce ladies! Bounce!

I love using this sponge though as it’s so soft on your skin, and helps to create a perfectly made up finish. I personally think it also helps to minimize pores, but that could just be my wishful thinking!

Have you tried the Beauty Blender, and if so what did you think?

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  • Ooooh totally want to try this now! Thanks for the tip of!

    • It is really good, and very different from other sponges – don’t wipe it around your face though! Only dab / bounce:)