The Review; Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation

Before we begin, just a little thought for the day ; what is it with beauty companies churning out foundations with incredibly long, impossible to remember, names?  I can never remember all the names of all the beauty products flying into the stores, so I end up just asking ‘what’s the new one?’ When you’re a beauty junkie you need the newest and the best. I’ll take a classic, obvs, but NEW is what keeps us all coming back for more.

Say hello to Giogrio Armani, Maestro Fusion Foundation, Broad Spectrum SPF15 *phew*  To set the scene,  this little number was expertly applied in Bloomingdales, by an Armani make-up artist. The lovely lady carefully applied two different colours. She then decided on 5.5 as the closest match for my skin tone. Apparently the Floridian sun has already made me a little more tanned than my London face.  After that it was all, get in my hand bag foundation, I must have you!

This product was an immediate choice for me, as it contains SPF 15.  Although not a super high factor, if you prime your skin with a sun protection moisturizer you’ll be a happy chappy. The foundation glides on seamlessly, and leaves the smoothest, softest finish. It covered up the redness around my nose, and the general blotchy-ness of my face. Check out the before and after pictures for proof! My apologies in advance, they are close ups, and slightly unnerving. The texture is really like no product I’ve tried before, but I can tell you it will leave your skin looking flawless. I totally love this foundation, but the best part is that once applied, it quickly becomes completely matte, so you can skip powder, or anti shine altogether.

The foundation is supposed to be suitable for all skin types, but I would have to say that I don’t think it would be the ideal product for dry skin. The matte formulation would cling to dry skin, leaving it flaky. I have dry skin patches and this is what happened. I just worked really hard to banish them from my face, so I could sport this foundation. Now that’s love.

Giorgio you maestro, this foundation is a winner.

Next time though be a doll and  consider a punchier name so I can remember it? Cheers Dahling!



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Make-up Free

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With Foundation

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  1. 19 March, 2013 / 12:54 am

    What did you think of the packaging? I like the dropper applicator thing for oils but does it work nicely with the foundation consistency?

    • 20 March, 2013 / 9:57 pm

      The consistency of this foundation is very runny almost like that of an oil, so I think it really needs the dropper applicator. The only complaint I have is it can be difficult to judge how much product will come out with the dropper, it’s pretty easy to waist product – less is more! A tiny bit of this goes along way! Thanks for reading!!:)