The Sally Hansen Nail


These two offerings from the nail maestro Sally Hansen caused quite the stir. Apparently they popped up in a newspaper or two, inevitably making them sell out in Boots pretty promptly. I may or may or not have charged towards the last two on the display, not letting them loose from my kung fu grip until I reached the check out. The slightly battered packaging is perhaps the end result. Perhaps.

To start things off we have the Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat. This beauty leaves your nails shiny and smooth, ready for polish, and when used as a top coat it leaves any color effortlessly glossy. The Pantheon formula hydrates and moisturizes the nail, while the top coat uses Nylon to protect the nail. The real test for me came when I used this with my Essie polishes. As much as I love Essie polishes, they chip after about a day on my nails, but when combined with the Sally Hansen Double Duty, this made the polish last around 5 days chip free. Being an avid hand washer, this totally blow my socks off. It truly did not let that polish budge.


The next offering from Sally Hansen is the Insta-Dri Top Coat, which leaves nails extremely glossy and dry to the touch in around 30 seconds. The acrylic polymer complex is the magic that accomplishes smudge free nails pronto, but I’m guessing Seche Vite lovers won’t be blown away. It’s pretty similar to the cult product Seche Vite but it’s a lot thinner in consistency.

In comparison Seche Vite is more of a thick gel, where as the Sally Hansen Insta- Dri Top coat is a thin runny formula, which if you’re not careful, can end up going everywhere.  I like both, and would still use both but I think claiming it will keep a ‘manicure beautiful for 10 days’ is a tad optimistic. In my case anyway. Maybe my nails just reject polish who knows? These two definitively work hard to keep that polish in place but if you’re only buying one get the Double Duty Base & Top Coat. It’s amazing.

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