The Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush

The Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush


Sigma brushes are awesome! There is a brush for every need. One’s that are suitable for both beginners and pro’s alike and if you’re thinking ‘do brushes really make a difference?’  The answer is yes – yes they do. Imagine eating without a knife and fork….. It’s possible, but does it look good? Heavens no! You may remember I professed my love for them with my travel brush collection which is without question the best collection of brushes for travel I’ve ever clasped my paws on.


When I snagged what’s now one of my favourite foundation brushes, I was excited to say the least. Innovative and exciting the 3DHD Kabuki brush has gone where no other foundation brush has gone before – multi-dimensional. I can almost hear your oohhhs and ahhhs! Makes sense seeing as our faces are curved and all! The Sigma  3DHD Kabuki brush was a truly hyped up product, so I was a little reserved when making my initial judgement. I put it through the paces before I decided to review it  on FL and let me tell you – it’s great! Simply pump out a little foundation on to one side of the brush and apply to your skin. They use the clean side of the brush to buff in, giving a truly flawless airbrushed look.


Since I’ve been using this brush I’ve found it really hard to go back to using a flat foundation brush. The 3D shape allows you to get to angles of your face you couldn’t really access before! I would still go for a smaller brush under the eye area though as this is slightly too big to do that job.

A love affair that has grown stronger by the day – the only thing not so ‘wow’ about the 3DHD Kabuki brush is that once you’ve used it for a while it’s hard to get it back into the perfect shape it arrived in. Sad face. Plus I have my suspicions it may gobble up more liquid product than necessary. Not sure on that one though – it can be hard to tell!  A fantastic brush to use for liquid, cream and powder products, it really has become my daily habit I can’t ditch.

PS. Sigma are about to do a mega sale very soon – so check back shortly and I’ll put discount codes up!

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